Four mini-studies are offered to new comers to experience studying God’s Word. Adults and children are welcome to join. Registration is not required. However if you choose to register, you can access to BSF notes as well as questions and other resources offered on See below table for details.

The schedule below is subject to change, please contact each class to confirm beforehand.

四個短期研經課程讓新來賓體驗研讀神的話。 歡迎成人和兒童參加。 不需要註冊。 但如你選擇註冊,則可以透過mybsf.org閱讀BSF提供的經文釋義、問題和其他資源。 詳情請參見下表。


Noah (3-week study) 挪 亞 (三 週 研 習)

Finished! 已完結!

Abraham (4-week study) 亞 伯 拉 罕 (四 週 研 習)

Link to class/SDG
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Children program
Hong Kong Central Evening WomenNov 10Nov 17Nov 24Dec 1from ages 6 to 17
Central Soho Evening Women – Satellite Discussion GroupNov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 2
Hong Kong Day WomenNov 12Nov 19Nov 26Dec 3from ages 0 to 5
Mid-Level Day Women Satellite Discussion GroupNov 13Nov 20Nov 27Dec 4
Kowloon Day WomenNov 17Nov 24Dec 1Dec 8from ages 0 to 5
Kowloon Evening WomenNov 10Nov 17Nov 24Dec 1from ages 6 to 17
Quarry Bay Day WomenNov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 2from ages 0 to 5
Tsim Sha Tsui Day Women – Satellite Discussion GroupNov 18Nov 25Dec 2Dec 9
Fo Tan Evening Women – Satellite Discussion GroupNov 12Nov 19Nov 26Dec 3
New Territories Day WomenNov 10Nov 17Nov 24Dec 1from ages 0 to 5
將軍澳女士附屬討論小組Nov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 2
澳門女士日班Nov 6Nov 13Nov 20Nov 270-5歲
Macau Day Women Satellite Discussion GroupNov 6Nov 13Nov 20 Nov 27
荷蘭園午間女士附屬討論小組Nov 10Nov 17Nov 24Dec 1
澳門日間女士附屬討論小組Nov 7Nov 14Nov 21Nov 28
荃灣女士日班Nov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 22-5歲
觀塘女士晚班Nov 3 Nov 10Nov 17Nov 24from ages 6 to 17
沙田女士日班Nov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 22-5歲
九龍塘女士日班Nov 5Nov 12Nov 19Nov 260-5歲
旺角日間女士附屬討論小組Nov 21Nov 28Dec 5from ages 6 to 17
馬鞍山晚間女士附屬討論小組Nov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 2from ages 6 to 17
沙田日間女士(普通話)附屬討論小組Nov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 2
Hong Kong Young AdultNov 9Nov 16Nov 23Nov 30
九龍青年晚班Nov 9Nov 16Nov 23Nov 30
Hong Kong Evening MenNov 9Nov 16Nov 23Nov 30from ages 6 to 17
Kowloon Evening MenNov 10Nov 17Nov 24Dec 1from ages 6 to 17
馬鞍山男士附屬討論小組Nov 11Nov 18Nov 25Dec 2from ages 6 to 17
元朗男士附屬討論小組Nov 12Nov 19Nov 26Dec 3
旺角男士附屬討論小組Nov 12Nov 19Nov 26Dec 3

Jacob (5-week study) 雅 各 (五 週 研 習) Coming in February 2021! 明年二月開始

Joseph (7-week study) 約 瑟  (七 週 研 習) Coming in March 2021! 明年月開始