The Passion 耶穌受難

Class 班Wk1
Hong Kong Day WomenApr 21Apr 28May 5May 12
Mid-Level Day Women Satellite Discussion GroupApr 22Apr 29May 6May 13
北角日間女士附屬討論小組Apr 21Apr 28May 5May 12
Hong Kong Central Evening WomenApr 26May 3May 10May 17
Central Soho Evening Women – Satellite Discussion GroupApr 27May 4May 11May 18
Kowloon Evening WomenApr 26May 3May 10May 17
Fo Tan Evening Women – Satellite Discussion GroupApr 28May 5May 12May 19
銅鑼灣女士晚班Apr 4Apr 11Apr 25May 10
中環蘇豪晚間女士附屬討論小組Apr 4/5Apr 12Apr 26May 10
銅鑼灣日間女士附屬討論小組Apr 2Apr 9Apr 23May 7
觀塘女士晚班Apr 12Apr 26May 3May 10
Kowloon Day WomenApr 26May 3May 10May 17
Tsim Sha Tsui Day Women – Satellite Discussion GroupApr 27May 4May 11May 18
New Territories Day WomenApr 12Apr 26May 3May 10
Quarry Bay Day WomenApr 20Apr 27May 4May 11
將軍澳日間女士附屬討論小組Apr 20Apr 27May 4May 11
九龍塘女士日班Apr 21Apr 28May 5May 12
九龍城日間女士附屬討論小組Apr 21Apr 28May 5May 12
沙田女士日班Apr 27May 4May 11May 18
馬鞍山晚間女士附屬討論小組Apr 27May 4May 11May 18
荃灣女士日班Apr 13Apr 27May 4May 11
澳門女士日班Apr 22Apr 29May 6May 13
荷蘭園午間女士附屬討論小組Apr 26May 3May 10May 17
澳門日間女士附屬討論小組Apr 23Apr 30May 7May 14
Hong Kong Young AdultApr 11Apr 25May 16May 23
九龍青年晚班Apr 11Apr 25May 16May 23
香港男士晩班Apr 2Apr 9Apr 23May 7
Hong Kong Evening MenApr 11Apr 25May 16May 23
Kowloon Evening MenApr 26May 3May 10May 17
馬鞍山男士附屬討論小組Apr 27May 4May 11May 18
元朗男士附屬討論小組Apr 28May 5May 12May 19
旺角男士附屬討論小組Apr 28May 5May 12May 19
Women Distance Class (for details, please contact:
– Thu 8:30pm HKT Discussion Group (online UK/US)Apr 21Apr 28May 5May12
廣東話女士遠程班 (聯絡電郵:
– 星期二 晚上 8.30 (Online 線上)Apr 5Apr 12 Apr 26May 3
– 星期三 中午 1.00 (Online 線上) Apr 6Apr 13Apr 27May 4
– 星期四 早上 10.30 (Online 線上)Apr 7Apr 14Apr 28May 5
– 星期四 晚上 8.00 (Online 線上)Apr 7Apr 14Apr 28May 5
– 星期二 下午 2.00 (Online 線上)Apr 5Apr 12Apr 26May 3
– 星期六 早上 9:30 (Online 線上)Apr 9Apr 23Apr 30May 7
– 星期三 早上 10:00 (Online 線上) – UK timeApr 6Apr 13Apr 27May 4

The Parables of Matthew 馬太福音的比喻 Completed 已完成

Sermon on the Mount 登山寶訓 Completed 已完成