Mission: Global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church

Vision: To magnify God and mature His people

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) is an in-depth, interdenominational Bible class for people of all ages and backgrounds. God is using BSF to help people discover joy, freedom and satisfaction in their lives as they encounter God in the Bible. Through their study of God’s Word, the Lord equips members to serve in the cause of Christ in the Church throughout the world. In the 50 years since our founding, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have participated in our program. Many have gone on to assume leadership positions in their churches and serve God in other ministries.

Regardless of your goals – one study or ten – or where you start – as a beginner or as an advanced Bible student – you’ll find there’s a place for you in BSF!

使命: 在世界各地開辦深入研讀聖經課程,激發學員對基督,祂的道及祂的教會竭誠委身。

願景: 尊上帝為大,培育祂的子民

研讀聖經團契 (BSF) 舉辦深入的研經課程,任何宗派、年齡或背景的人士都可以參加。上帝藉著研讀聖經團契,讓學員在研習聖經的過程中與祂相遇,從而幫助他們在人生中找到喜樂、自由和滿足感。在研讀上帝的話語時,學員獲主親自裝備培訓,得以在世界各地的教會裏虔誠服侍,肩負起宣揚基督福音的使命。自研讀聖經團契成立至今,五十年來,已有成千上萬的男女老少完成研經課程,其中不少學員已在自己所屬的教會中承擔起領袖責任,並且在其他崗位上服侍上帝。


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