澳洲及新西蘭廣東話女士遠程班 GP02

星期一 晚上 8:00 (澳洲東部時間) (線上研經小組)

註冊表 – 澳洲及新西蘭廣東話女士遠程班

Macau English Women – Satellite Discussion Group (Online)

Class Day: Monday
Class Start Time: 8 p.m.

Contact Macau English Women – SDG (Online)

Hong Kong Central Evening Women – Local Online Discussion Group

Class Day: Monday (Online)

Class Start Time: 08:00p.m.

Contact HKCEW – LODG

Hong Kong Young Adult

Welcome young adult and married couples (must join our class together) from the ages of 18 to 35

Class Day: Monday (Offer both in-person and online meetings)

Class Start Time: 7:30p.m.

Host Church: Church of Christ in China Wanchai Church

Address: Chuk Kui Terrace 77 Spring Garden Lane Wanchai (map)

Contact Hong Kong Young Adult

* 設有廣東話討論小組 (with Cantonese speaking discussion groups)

歡迎18至35歲的年輕成人和已婚夫婦 (必須一起參加課程)




Hong Kong Evening Men

Welcome men and children (from ages 6 to 17)

Class Day: Monday

Class Start Time: 6:55p.m.

Host Church: Hong Kong Baptist Church

Address: 50 Caine Road, Hong Kong (map)

Contact Hong Kong Evening Men Class

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